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April Live Well Work Well Newsletter

Jennifer Koenig | April 12, 2018
Exercise doesn't only benefit your body, it helps your brain too. Studies have shown a strong link between the health of the body and the health of the brain. Exercise revs up complex processes inside the brain that can deter depression, help you stay...
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5 Activities to Add To Your Workday

Coach Jordan | April 10, 2018
To get our team moving, I make it a point to send out two reminders each day. Taking the time to incorporate physical movement is paramount in maintaining health, especially when working in an environment that is pretty sedentary. Like you, we have...
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April Coaching Webinar: Well-Rounded Workouts

CoachShelby | April 06, 2018
  Who is ready for winter to be over and to get outside and get moving?  We sure are here at HealthCheck360°! Come join us and find out how to get started with exercise and get the most out of your routine. 
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March Live Well Work Well Newsletter

Jennifer Koenig | March 07, 2018
If you lack motivation for a 5-mile run or an hour workout session in the gym, new research reveals good news for you. Recent studies show that short but intense bouts of exercise can deliver fitness benefits. 
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February Coaching Webinar: Office Olympics

CoachShelby | February 07, 2018
Staying active while at work IS possible. And it's really important for your heart and your overall health to do so. Find out how to keep your body moving while at work (and throughout the day) with these tips and hacks from the HealthCheck360° Health...
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Winter Workout Attire

Jennifer Koenig | November 30, 2017
  Getting enough exercise in the winter can be tough.  We are here to help you get outside with some helpful tips on dressing for the weather!  
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