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February Coaching Webinar: Office Olympics

CoachShelby | February 07, 2018

Staying active while at work IS possible. And it's really important for your heart and your overall health to do so. Find out how to keep your body

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Winter Workout Attire

HealthChkJen | November 30, 2017


Getting enough exercise in the winter can be tough.  We are here to help you get outside with some helpful tips on dressing for the weather!

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20 Minute Workout

HealthChkSarah | November 09, 2017

This sequence of exercises can give you a great workout in only 20 minutes!

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Live Well Work Well Newsletter November 2017

HealthChkSarah | November 02, 2017

Start Planning for a Stress Free Holiday Season

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Freeze Tag!

HealthChkSarah | July 13, 2017

Tag a quick pit stop on your next road trip and play a quick game of Freeze Tag with the kids!

  • One person is "It"
  • When someone gets tagged, they have
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June Wellness Webinar - Improve by 5!

CoachShelby | June 07, 2017

To view the webinar for wellness points, click HERE

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