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HealthCheck360's COVID-19 antibody testing can be an essential tool in the fight against COVID-19 and keeping your workplace safe and healthy, while also mitigating the risks and liability for your company. Here are some frequently asked questions about antibody testing and related topics.


What antibody test are you offering?

HealthCheck360 is offering Abbott Laboratory SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibody test. It is approved by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization and has 99.5% specificity and 100% sensitivity.  For a list of comparisons to other tests see below:


Who manufactures this test?

Abbott Laboratories

What testing location capabilities do you have?

We have the ability to come on-site for locations with greater than 20 participants or LabCorp walk-in clinics. We have a national footprint.

How many tests do you have available on a daily and/or weekly basis?

Nearly unlimited. LabCorp has significant capacity to run antibody tests across their 36 processing centers nationwide.  Additionally, HealthCheck360 has developed relationships with several regional hospital-based labs to provide additional test capacity, should it be required.

Has your test been approved by the FDA for non-medical oversight?

Yes, Information about Abbott’s FDA approval under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can be found here: https://www.fda.gov/media/137384/download


What is the individual testing experience?

HealthCheck360 is pleased to make antibody testing available to employers through on-site screening (with a 20 test minimum), in coordination with existing biometric screening events, or at one of LabCorp’s more than 2,000 clinics throughout the country.

The scheduling is coordinated through HealthCheck360’s technology, and test results are made available on the myHealthCheck360 portal. The experience is similar to an on-site biometric screening. This sample is collected as a full blood draw for each individual.


What is the implementation timeframe?

HealthCheck360 recommends a 2-3 week lead time to schedule COVID-19 antibody testing services.

How do you report results? To whom? What is the timeline for reporting?

Consistent with the standard biometric screening test result distribution processes, COVID-19 antibody test results are delivered to employees through the myHealthCheck360 online portal.  The results are posted to the secure site within 3-5 business days.  Employees also have access to the HealthCheck360 clinical hotline for additional information about their test results.

Employers receive an additional report containing individual results for their employee population.

Can employers mandate employees take this test?

No. An antibody test constitutes a medical examination under the ADA.

What privacy concerns should an employer be considering?

The EEO laws, including the ADA and Rehabilitation Act, continue to apply during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, but they do not interfere with or prevent employers from following the guidelines and suggestions made by the CDC or state/local public health authorities about steps employers should take regarding COVID-19.

During a pandemic, ADA-covered employers may ask employees if they are experiencing symptoms of the pandemic virus. Employers may maintain a log of the results, but must store the information about employee illness as a confidential medical record in a separate file from the employees personnel file and in compliance with the ADA.

The ADA allows employers to measure an employee’s body temperature or administer a COVID-19 test to detect the presence of the COVID-19 virus before permitting employees to enter the workplace because an individual with the virus poses a direct threat to the health of others. The ADA requires that employers ensure the test is accurate and reliable.

As the situation evolves, employers should keep up-to-date on the changes. To read more about the privacy considerations and receive the most current information access the EEOC’s site here.

What differentiates your screening/testing services from other test administrators?

The most valuable aspects of this antibody test are the test quality, accessibility, and cost. 

HealthCheck360 carefully evaluated COVID-19 antibody tests from more than 15 laboratories over the past 6 weeks.  Our partners at the University of Washington, including Dr. Alex Greninger and Dr. Geoff Baird, performed a study evaluating the quality of the various tests and identified the Abbott test as having 100% sensitivity 17 days after symptom onset, and only registering one false positive in 1,020 samples collected prior to the pandemic.  These quality results are significantly better than most other test options on the market.  Therefore, HealthCheck360 partners exclusively with labs offering the Abbott antibody test.

Our partnership with LabCorp, with over 2,000 patient service centers, allows us to provide the best possible access to the high-quality Abbott test possible.  We are also able to provide the test without requiring a physician office visit, which provides significant savings relative to a physician-ordered test.

Can the antibody test be run through the health plan as a claim?

To maximize efficiency, our LabCorp antibody test offering is self-ordered (as opposed to physician ordered).  As such, LabCorp bills HealthCheck360 for the test. 

Most health plans require an ordering physician to be listed on a lab claim, so as of today we recommend a direct payment from the employer to HealthCheck360. 

Is the antibody test covered at 100% or by government funds?

The PCR test, that’s ordered by a physician, is covered at 100% by the health plan from the employee perspective. Our LabCorp antibody test is self-ordered (as opposed to physician ordered).  As such, LabCorp bills HealthCheck360 for the test and it is not run through as a claim at this time because it does not require an ordering physician.

What is the difference between antibody testing and PCR testing?

Antibody testing is a blood draw that is used to determine the presence of a past infection, 7 – 11 days post infection. A venipuncture blood draw is recommended over a finger stick for accuracy of the test. Positive Immunoglobulin M (IgM) antibodies indicate recent exposure and indicate contagious status with the virus. Positive Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies indicate later-stage/past infection and confers possible immunity to further infection.

PCR testing is used to diagnose acute infections, and are currently administered via nasal swab under clinical guidance.

Where should a company start when thinking about maintaining a safe and healthy environment for employees?

HealthCheck360 believes strongly that the first step all employers should take is providing a platform and process for all employees to certify (via online survey), before leaving home, that they are not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.  This certification should detect the vast majority of symptomatic cases, including mildly symptomatic ones, among those who accurately respond. We believe a symptom tracker that asks users to verify they are being truthful and honest in what they are reporting is a key step for demonstrating the company’s commitment to keeping employees healthy and safe.

None of these individual symptoms are specific to COVID-19, but in aggregate they can be used to assess an individual’s risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, and even if caused by other pathogens are a prudent basis for staying at home. We note that symptomatic patients are thought to be contagious prior to feeling symptoms, and that a large fraction of infected persons may remain asymptomatic for the entire course of the infection.

Daily symptom checks can be paired with daily temperature checks to create a series of hurdles that employees must meet before they are exposed to other co-workers. This is an important aspect of the employer’s ability to mitigate the risk of contraction at the workplace.

Further, employers need to note the danger of strongly associating a positive antibody test with the right to return to school or to work. Plans to reopen our workplaces and schools must avoid the moral hazard of creating a perverse incentive to purposefully increase one’s risk of exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in order to increase the chance of being able to return to studies or professional work.

As the world and medical community works to respond to this new risk, adding clinical support from a third-party case management nurse ensures your employees are getting a second opinion and advice around symptoms, testing, and recommended care. Navigating the health care system is challenging when there isn’t a global pandemic happening, additional clinical support can reduce the likelihood that your employees get lost in the system.


Who can I contact with questions?

You can reach out to your dedicated HealthCheck360 consultant with questions, or you can contact HealthCheck360 at support@healthcheck360.com or 1-866-511-0360.



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