Healthy Hacks: A Day in the Life of a Health Coach

Webinar Icons-01.pngWEDNESDAY, Sept 2

Webinar Icons-02.png  12:00PM Central Time

If you've ever wondered how a coach stays healthy, look no further.  You'll learn what foods our coaches eat, the exercises they fit into their busy lives, and how they manage their stress and sleep.  Get their expert tips in this month's webinar. 


Coach Shelby

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2020/9/2 12:00 PM CDT

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Fate or Consequences

October 7 |  12 P.M. CT

How much does the health of your parents or grandparents affect your health?  Learn how living a healthy lifestyle can "turn off" or "turn on" our genetics.  



The Hidden Sugar in your Diet

November 4 |  12 P.M. CT

Where is sugar hiding in your favorite foods?  Find out which common foods are the biggest culprits, what sugar does to your body, and how to find the healthiest sugar options.  




Be Aware of Self-Care

December 2  |  12 P.M. CT

Self-care is so much more than treating yourself to little luxuries like lattes, warm baths, or a good book.  Learn what self-care really is and how to make time for it in your daily life.  

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