Daily Symptom Tracker FAQs

Answers to our most frequently asked questions can be found here.

Question: How do I update my preferences for the daily symptom tracker?

Answer: In order to update your preferred days, preferred time, or preferred notification method, you will need to reach out to your human resources contact. This individual will send you a new registration email. You will need to click the link and update your preferences. 


Question: I deleted my survey for the day, can I receive another one?

Answer: Yes, you will need to reach out to your human resources contact who will be able to send you a new survey for the day.


Question: Am I able to use Internet Explorer to complete the registration and survey?

Answer: The system runs best on an updated browser such as Google Chrome. You will likely run into issues when trying to use Internet Explorer. To avoid these issues, use an updated browser such as Chrome. Apple users should not have a problem using Safari.


Question: Does the registration link or survey link expire?

Answer: The registration link does not expire. The survey link will expire after 8 hours, therefore, if you are having trouble accessing your survey, ensure you are clicking on the survey link provided on today's date. 


Question: Do I need to complete the survey while on vacation?

Answer: It is best practice to continue taking the survey every day, even while on vacation. Given the nature of the virus, you may only experience symptoms for a short period of time, however, those who have the virus can remain contagious for up to 14+ days. By completing the survey each day, if symptoms arise, you will know the next steps to take in order to keep your co-workers safe and healthy. For more specific information, speak with your human resources dept. 


Question: If I or someone in my family contracts COVID-19 or suspects they have COVID-19, who can we reach out to for guidance?

Answer: If you have questions about symptoms or need guidance on how to protect yourself and your family from contracting COVID-19, call our nurse hotline at 855-716-2588.


Question: Does HealthCheck360 have any educational resources I can view to help improve my well-being during the pandemic?

Answer: Yes! Check out our webinar Prioritize Well-being During the Covid-19 Pandemic 


Question: I have registered but I am not receiving my survey via text, what could be the issue? 

Answer: It may be because you unsubscribed from our text messages.  To start receiving them again, please text START to 96857 


Question: What security measures in HealthCheck360 taking?

Answer: Our security features are below and the privacy policies are updated regularly and available to review on the registration page at the bottom.


  • Authentication is handled by a battle-tested software called KeyCloak, using OIDC/OAuth2
  • All external traffic is secured using TLS
  • Internal database traffic is encrypted
  • Internal database data is stored at rest on encrypted volumes
  • Application servers are run from immutable Docker images with non-root, read only file-systems, refreshed multiple times per day
  • Backups are encrypted at rest at the volume level, and also at the logical, file level with independently keys
  • All authentication events are stored for 180 days and all administrative authentication events are stored forever