Tango Gift Card – Reward Link

How Do I Spend My Reward Link?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click your Reward Link you'll be taken to a page with reward options.
  2. Choose an e-gift card or other reward option
  3. Select the value of the card (you cannot choose more than your remaining balance).
  4. Select "Add to Cart".
  5. If you have remaining balance and would like to choose another option, repeat Steps 2-4.
  6. Once you have selected all the e-gift cards you want, click "Checkout".
  7. Enter your name and your email address and check the box acknowledging the terms.
  8. Click "Complete My Order".

Your e-gift card(s) will arrive in your email inbox.

Can I Combine Two Reward Links?

At this time, you need to spend your Reward Link value independently. However, this is a requested feature and will be available in the future.

Can I Use E-Gift Cards In-Store?

Absolutely! Most electronic retail gift cards we offer can be used in-store by simply printing out the e-gift card and presenting it to the cashier. However, some retailers have special instructions for in-store use. Be sure to double-check how your retailer wants you to use your gift card in store before you go to the store.

Can I Request a Physical Gift Card Instead of an E-Gift Card?

All of our e-gift cards are delivered electronically via email within one (1) business day. We have transitioned away from physical gift cards to provide faster and more secure delivery. We can assure you, all electronic gift cards have the same functionality as a physical card.

My E-Gift Card Code/Pin Does Not Work.

For security reasons, electronic gift cards are usually sent with a code/pin. If you encounter an error when redeeming your card, this is typically the result of issues with cutting and pasting the code. Be sure there are no extra spaces added when entering the code into the retailer's activation field. If you need help, contact us.