Transitioning Your Wellness Program from Interactive Health to HealthCheck360

Michael Kelly

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Transitioning Your Wellness Program From Interactive Health to HealthCheck360

With Interactive Health’s sudden closure, many employers are challenged with finding a new wellness partner and left to figure out how to continue the wellness programs already started for this year. As a leader in health and well-being, HealthCheck360 has migrated many groups and various programs to our suite of services with great success. If you’re looking for a new partner, or are on the fence about continuing your wellness program, sign-up for this webinar. You’ll learn how we successfully transition groups from Interactive Health, and thrill their employees with our ongoing engagement solutions.


•  How to continue an existing incentive model, even without historical data
•  Key differences between the IH program and HealthCheck360 and how we accommodate for them
•  Pricing, what is included with your HealthCheck360 program, and more.

Sign up for this free webinar to find out how your former IH wellness program can continue with HealthCheck360 and what a long-term partnership with us looks like. Learn more about how HealthCheck360 can support your move from IH here.