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How do I know which Lifestyle Rewards activities my company is accepting?

The list of available options can be found under Lifestyle Rewards in your myHealthCheck360 account.


Activities that require Submission

Most activities will require you to submit to earn points. Program requirements may vary as well as activities that are available. Review current activities in your myHealthCheck360 account. 

Click here to learn how to submit for an activity.


Activities that automatically update

Some activities will automatically update as you track them. Examples include minutes of activity, steps, food, sleep, and weight. Points will be awarded as you track your activity in your myHealthCheck360 account, no need to submit for these activities under Lifestyle Rewards. 

Click here to learn how to track.


For additional details, including when submissions are reviewed, please select  the menu icon (≡) in the upper left hand corner, select My Account and then My Company on the myHealthCheck360 app or Program Details under Lifestyle Rewards on the myHealthCheck360 portal.