Valuable Health Insights


­­­Verifiable health data is important to a lot of people. Having the insight into your current health, understanding potential risk factors, and becoming educated on chronic conditions is priceless information.


Receive objective, measurable results year-after-year with HealthCheck360 biometric screenings. We have experience in implementing onsite screenings in multiple sizes and locations. When onsite screenings choices are not available, we also work with primary care physicians or provide walk-in clinic options. 











Screening Types


There are two main types of blood draws: venipuncture and fingerstick. While fingerstick screenings are less invasive, venipuncture draws offer a larger test panel. The right screening type depends on your company's culture and your wellness program's goals. HealthCheck360 can offer both screening types to fit your needs.




Screening Options

The screening process isn't a one-size fits all. We'll help you find a solution that works for you and your population and can meet you:



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Our Partners

We're proud to work with these screening partners. We can also accept lab data from your own lab or physician forms. 







Exam One



Lab Corp