Upcoming Coaching Webinars

CoachShelby | July 13, 2018
    Want to keep up on the latest in health and wellness?  Join our monthly webinars for great information on what you want to know about staying healthy!
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5 Tips to be Fit & Frugal

Mara Simonson | July 12, 2018
This month, HealthCheck360 is focusing on Financial Wellness. In a world where it costs around $500 a year for a gym membership, it is easy to say it is “too expensive to be healthy”. In an effort to prove that there are cost effective approaches to...
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July Wellness Webinar: Living Healthy on a Budget

CoachShelby | July 11, 2018
  More money, more problems, right?  Hopefully you don't have too many problems, but sometimes having a budget can be tough when you are looking for ways to stay healthy. Tune in to find some great ways to stay healthy that won't break your bank!
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7 Foods for Life!

Sienna McGuire | July 10, 2018
Food choices can be confusing but there are simple options you can incorporate into your diet for a huge nutritional boost. Improved nutrition can add years to your life so pick up these foods today for a better tomorrow: 
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Setting Healthy Goals

CoachShelby | July 07, 2018
"You gotta have a goal. Do you have a goal?" This question was asked by Kit DeLuca to her future roommate at the end of Pretty Woman. I like where Kit's head is at, because goals are super important, but having a goal is only the first part. You gotta...
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Buy In Season & Save

Sienna McGuire | July 05, 2018
Suffering from sticker shock on the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables? Instead of skipping these nutritional items altogether, buy produce when it is in season—and much cheaper.
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