March Coaching Webinar: Meal Prep Madness

CoachShelby | February 21, 2018


Stay on the ball with healthy meal planning!

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How to Get Healthy: 3 Ways to Improve Your Life Today 

CoachShelby | February 08, 2018

It's like having a personal life coach at your finger tips! Reserve your seat now for the spring coaching webinars. These are free to attend, and you

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February Coaching Webinar: Office Olympics

CoachShelby | February 07, 2018

Staying active while at work IS possible. And it's really important for your heart and your overall health to do so. Find out how to keep your body

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2 Chronic Conditions That May Cause Cancer

HealthChkJen | February 01, 2018

New research suggests that nearly 6 percent of cancers (792,600 cancer cases) can be at least partly attributed to obesity and diabetes.

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Do Small changes Really matter?

Coach Trent | January 13, 2018

Most people want to be healthy. Many of us have gone as far as making changes to the way we eat or how much we exercise in an attempt to reach our

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Can you really sleep your way to better health?

CoachShelby | January 11, 2018


Sleep affects every aspect of your life. Do you know what you need to do to get the most from your beauty rest?


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