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The issues of driver shortage and the cost of running a business. They're constantly on your mind and affect every decision you make, every single day. With 28.5% of drivers getting a "short card" during their DOT physical, and 8% being disqualified, there's more at stake than driver retention. You're risking your bottom line.









Fewer Injuries & Fewer Accidents

We know that going in for frequent medical checks affects costs, productivity and life satisfaction.  But safety and work comp costs also take a hit due to poor health. 


Over a third of drivers have a medical condition linked to poor driving performance and drivers with 3 or more conditions have a crash rate nearly 3 times that of healthy drivers.


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"My health continues to get better and better each day since I started HealthCheck360. It keeps me informed on where my health is and the Health Coach helps me and encourages me to live healthier.  Great program!  I feel great!


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