Healthier Drivers, More Miles

Every day, you deal with driver shortage and running your business.  With 28.5% of drivers getting a “short card” during their DOT physical, and 8% disqualified from driving, there’s even more at stake.  When drivers don’t qualify on their med card, your company is losing miles.  Unhealthy drivers are risking your bottom line.






Supporting Drivers

We work one on one with your drivers with 3, 6, or 12 months med cards to make realistic and impactful changes to their health by reducing caloric intake, nutrition planning and how to stay active on the road. 


A shocking 69% of truck drivers are obese and over half smoke, but being a driver doesn’t have to equal poor health.  Exercise, quality sleep, and fewer medications can be a part of life on the road.  We’ll work with your drivers to identify issues, set goals, and provide realistic solutions.

Fewer Injuries & Fewer Accidents

Drivers with 3 or more chronic conditions have a crash rate nearly 3 times higher than healthy drivers.  With the average cost per driver just over $8,000, can you afford to keep your driver off the road?


Drivers Will Receive:


•  Telephonic health coaching

•  Risk-specific monitoring resources

•  Free inbound calls

Learn how we can support your drivers today.


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"My health continues to get better and better each day since I started HealthCheck360. It keeps me informed on where my health is and the Health Coach helps me and encourages me to live healthier.  Great program!  I feel great!


On the Road Driver






 Keep your drivers healthy and on the road.
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