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4 Ways to Drive Engagement in Your Wellness Program

Written by Jenna Wesenberg

Wellness doesn’t just happen during business hours. It doesn’t just happen at your corporate office either. And it’s certainly not one-size-fits-all. So how do you drive engagement when your employees are at home, on the weekends, and spread across different job sites and shifts all over the country? You go where they are.


Here are a few ways to drive engagement in your company’s wellness program through year-round activities when your employees aren’t at work.


  1. Rewards. Give ‘em something to work towards.
    As humans, we’re ingrained with the ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM) mentality. Your people are incredibly busy, both at work and at home, so a little reward goes a long way. It breaks through the noise of the world and shows your employees that this wellness stuff matters to you. It’s a small way to recognize the efforts they’re putting forth to make good choices every day.


  1. Accessibility. It’s gotta be mobile.
    If you’re rewarding people for completing 5k’s, donating blood, getting a gym membership, or participating in Habitat for Humanity, they need to be able to document the things they’re doing from their mobile devices. Going mobile makes getting involved easier and makes it so much simpler to submit for the credit they deserve. Learn more about our new mobile app here.


  1. Connections. Foster strong connection among employees.
    Like most things in this world, wellbeing isn’t just an individual sport. Lots of people impact our personal wellbeing from our spouses and families, to friends and co-workers. Encourage employees to connect with each other, and your company through virtual friendships, common interest groups, and staying up to date on all that's happening at your company. They can do it all form their myHC360+ mobile app.


  1. Choice. Give them choices. 
    Not everyone is motivated by running marathons. And some people are never going to hit the gym, not matter how much you incentivize it. So give your employees choices on the types of activities they can complete. Vary the activities from physical wellness to participation in your benefits program offerings, community service, and stress management so the individual can select what appeals most to them. 

    The other important piece with offering choices is that you tap into holistic well-being opportunities, inspiring and encouraging people to take time for physical health, emotional health, social health, financial health, community health, and company health. As humans, we're dynamic and multifaceted and it's critical to tap into all areas of our humanness that impact our well-being. 


As you plan your wellness program for the upcoming year and beyond, consider adding some of these options to your program. Not only will your employees love having activities to choose from, it could keep your company's program legally compliant for the long-run. You can do it all with the click of a button through our intuitive myHC360+ platform and mobile application. Check out this page to learn more about our technology.





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