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HealthCheck360° Wins 2014 Data into Action Innovation Award at the Loras College Business Analytics Symposium

Written by Jenna Wesenberg

Dubuque, Iowa – HealthCheck360° is the proud recipient of the 2014 Data into Action Innovation Award for demonstrating excellence in the use of business analytics as part of a health score analytics system.  The award was presented by The Center for Business Analytics at Loras College.

As a leader in performance-based wellness, HealthCheck360° is focused on improving employee health and decreasing employer medical costs through the use of analytics derived from objective biometric data.  The data is translated into an easy to understand health scorecard and risk level which are then used to provide employees with incentives for maintaining good health.

Through researching 10,262 repeat participants, HealthCheck360° found that the scoring algorithm used is highly correlated to health claims costs; the lower the employee’s health risk level, the less claims the employee had annually. With this research, the company also confirmed that capturing and tracking the health of any given population is a wellness best practice.

“This journey has taken us from a company having a lot of data to a company using a lot of data. The focus in the last year has been solely on proving our worth on an objective basis with data analytics as our backbone,” said Business Analyst Danny Ready.

HealthCheck360° also reaffirmed the need measure health risk migration.  A group of 5,262 repeat participants, experienced a 65% increase in the ideal risk population, a 20% decrease in the moderate risk population, a 25% decrease in the high risk population, and a 37% reduction in the very high risk group.

“HealthCheck360° prides itself on quantifying the positive impact of its health and wellness programs.  We are very pleased and honored to receive this award from Loras College.  We believe that our current endeavors are only beginning to demonstrate the overall impact of outcome-based wellness programs and look forward to continuing to work with our partner companies on furthering this effort,” said Michael Kelly, Director of HealthCheck360°.

In addition to their work with whole population analytics, HealthCheck360° has also developed a number of client case studies to prove the value of their program through business analytics.  One case study on a large manufacturing client showed that the group was paying approximately $1,264 more than the industry average for annual per participant healthcare costs.  After working with HealthCheck360°, they experienced annual per participant costs of $2,334 below the industry average.


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