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4 Reasons Why Your Lifestyle Survey Matters

Written by Jennifer Koenig

Health Risk Assessment surveys, or HRAs, have been around for a long time. They go by many different names, but the majority are largely made up of self-reported health information provided by the individual member. Because they've been a staple of wellness programs for decades, it's common to question their purpose and think about skipping them. But here's 4 reasons why we still believe in in HRA surveys.

  1. HRAs provide lifestyle recommendations personalized to each participant. 
    Most HRAs educate members on what they're doing well, and what they could change. This feedback is important because not everyone wants to talk to a health coach. We built our HRA to offer recommendations personalized to the individual user in each report. Many times, we aren't aware that the lifestyle choices we're making are bad for us and that there are other options out there. 
  2. They help identify gaps between health risks, participant awareness, and compliance with known conditions. 
    Tying the HRA responses to biometric screening data helps us determine if someone is unaware of a significant health issue like diabetes or hypertension. Having this information helps us get in touch with the member and notify them of the situation.
  3. Health coaches are armed with valuable information.
    When the lifestyle survey focuses on motivations and behaviors in everyday life, the health coach and health managers get insight into the members' lifestyle to better educate them on how those habits and decisions impact their health. We're able to have more meaningful conversations with members when we have this information.
  4. You as the wellness program sponsor get valuable information. 
    When the lifestyle survey asks members the right questions, you get aggregate information from your population on what they value about your program, what changes they'd like to see, and the programs they're most interested in. You get data to make better decisions about your company's program to keep your members engaged for the long-haul. 

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