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4 ways to coaching success

Written by Jennifer Koenig

Yes, our headline reads: 4 Ways to Coaching Success, but we do live in the real-world and know there are more than 4 ways to coaching success. If you're looking to get started with a coaching program, or update your existing model, here are 4 approaches to consider starting with. 


These 4 coaching models all take a different approach, but are proven to deliver results. Here's what they are: 

  1. Review Call 

    Health is confusing. If you've ever Google'd it, you know what we're talking about. A review call allows participants to ask questions about diet, lifestyle, exercise, and other health-related topics.  

  2. Nicotine Cessation

    The benefits of quitting nicotine include lowering chances of heart disease, cancer, and improved respiratory function. If your population has a lot of nicotine users, consider rolling out a Nicotine Cessation Program. Look for a program that focuses on behavior change as well as one that addresses the addiction of nicotine. 
  3. Metabolic Risk

    Metabolic Syndrome is a condition that results from combined poor health in cholesterol, body mass, blood sugar, and blood pressure. A metabolic coaching program is a good program for addressing more than just weight loss.
  4. Weight Loss

    Obesity is a problem. One that has astonishing consequences on the waistline and bank account of the Average American. If a large portion of your population is overweight or your employees are asking for help in weight loss, introducing a weight loss coaching program can be one way to see big results in both health and spend.  


Whether stand-alone or layered with other coaching models as triage or a custom approach, HealthCheck360 has the tools, the people, and the knowledge to deliver results. Learn more about how we do health coaching here, or download our free whitepaper to learn more about the results we see.  


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