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5 Reasons To Choose A Stand-Alone Wellness Partner

Written by Jessica Mandot

As a wellness company, it's not uncommon to be asked how a third-party wellness provider is different from other wellness providers, like carrier programs.  Here are the top 5 reasons to choose a third-party wellness partner: 

  1. You own the data. As the sponsor of the wellness program, you own the data collected. You can take the data with you if you decide to change programs and you control how the data is used to make the most of your program. For example, glucose data can be sent to your disease management provider to identify and engage individuals who were not enrolled through claims data. 
  2. More indepth reporting. Aggregate reporting is a standard feature of our program as a stand-alone wellness provider.  Working with a stand-alone provider gives you the flexibility to receive detailed reports by location, job title, employees vs. spouses, and more. You also get custom reports and industry comparisons.
  3. Consistent program. Carrier programs can seem convenient, but if you change carriers, you can't keep your wellness program. Stand-alone partners allow you to switch carriers without having to start your wellness program over again. Taking your wellness program with you is key for convenience and consistency.
  4. More program flexibility. Typically, carriers offer a small number of programs that you can choose from. But what if your company doesn't fit one of those options? Third-party wellness partners provide more flexibility to build a program that fits your company's needs.
  5. Administrative support. Your wellness provider drives the program as an extension of your HR team. Custom communication plans and implementation materials are created for each client. We support you and your team with weekly calls, detailed timelines, and provide tips and resource for a successful wellness program. 

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