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5 Strategies You Need Heading Into 2021

Written by HealthCheck360 Abbey
As we move into fall and open enrollments, planning for next year's wellness program is top of mind for many employers. A recent study from The Hartford shows that 51% of employers are looking to expand their wellness benefits and mental health offerings. While now may feel like the time to revisit budgets for some of your clients, advocating for employee health and well-being should be a top priority in developing more adaptable employees, control costs long-term, and meet employee demands.
Here are the top five strategies you or your clients should be considering as you head in to 2021.
  1. Chronic Condition Management - Addresses the mortality and costs of the most at-risk population.  The COVID-19 pandemic is going to impact health plans for years to come. Chronic condition management not only mitigates costs to the health plan by closing gaps in care, it also reduces COVID-19 mortality rates. The CDC estimates show death rates 12 times higher for those with chronic conditions. Providing access to recommended care for the most at-risk members is a critical first step.
  2. Health Data - Preventative screenings and keeping health information in the hands of employees is more important than ever. Nearly half of all Americans have delayed health care since the start of the virus.  This lack of preventative care means cancers, strokes, diabetes, and heart conditions aren't being caught early, if at all.  Our clients are continuing to screen with appropriate precautions and PPE.  We can accommodate almost any screening event including walk-in clinics, on-site, at-home screening kits, and doctor visits to ensure employees are getting the valuable health data they so desperately need, while staying safe.  
  3. Resiliency & Mental Health - Employees are expecting resources to help amid the pandemic. The virus, shaky economy, and tumultuous political and societal environment have exposed a desperate need for employee resiliency with a whopping 70% of Americans reporting mental health struggles.  Excessive stress has adverse effects on employee health and productivity, but offering resiliency support helps employees develop the skills needed to respond positively to stress.  In addition to increased employee engagement and retention, engaged teams show a 21% greater profitability.  
  4. Engaging A Dispersed Workforce - Harnessing the power of technology to support a dispersed workforce.  Now more than ever, people are isolated by their work from home environments.  For essential employees still reporting to work, social distancing measures make connecting with each other and HR just as difficult.  Wellness and COVID-19 technology need to support employees regardless of location.  HealthCheck360's apps and device connections help users focus on daily habits and behavior change, while delivering a robust and consistent wellness program to employees. 
  5. Mitigating COVID-19 Risk - Limit the exposure and spread of COVID-19.  Daily symptom tracking, temperatures, and testing are all important steps to protecting employees and mitigating litigation risk to employers. The EEOC allows all of these actions, but within certain guidelines. Ensure strategies are compliant without adding more work to the already overloaded HR team, and are easy for employees to use.  HealthCheck360 has the testing and technology available to meet these needs.

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