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Build Better Employee Experiences and Improve Retention with Engage360

Written by Jenna Wesenberg

Engage360 addresses the shortcomings of annual employee surveys to support the improvement of workplace culture and benefits.

HealthCheck360, a leader in population health management and employer well-being programs, is expanding its suite of services to address the struggles faced by employers. Engage360 is a continuous feedback tool that arms companies and their managers with the data they need to improve recruitment and retention by getting a regular pulse on employee engagement, identifying organizational and departmental development opportunities, and pinpointing the most effective leaders for promotion and succession planning.

 “People change and evolve constantly, and the traditional annual employee survey doesn’t really address that,” said Michael Kelly, co-founder and Vice President of HealthCheck360. “We’ve found that shortening the feedback loop by delivering quick, daily or weekly questions to employees and getting that data in front of leadership in real-time supports the company’s ability to take immediate action.” 

Many organizations use an annual employee survey to identify areas for improvement, progress on initiatives like diversity, equity, and inclusion, and determine what matters most to their employees. But annual surveys aren’t always enough. A one-time snapshot quickly becomes stale and doesn’t stay on top of evolving needs. Engage360 delivers a single, targeted survey question through text or email, aligned with the employee’s work schedule. All survey responses are confidential, and the results arm management teams with immediate insights through the administrative dashboard. Questions cover topics like employee satisfaction, diversity, equity, and inclusion, workplace resources, culture, management effectiveness, and more.

“Engage360 helps employers quickly identify what their employees really need to keep them happy and productive,” said Tim Johnstad, HealthCheck360’s Director of Innovation. “Employees take only a couple of seconds to provide the feedback, yet the continuous employee engagement insights provided by Engage360 are invaluable to their employer.”

With Engage360, HealthCheck360 delivers a best-in-class approach to address organizational needs and continuously improve the employee experience.

“Employers are looking for ways to address retention challenges,” said Kelly. “HealthCheck360 is thrilled to be able to make regular data and resources available to improve the employee experience. Satisfied employees are happier, healthier, and more productive, both in and out of the workplace."

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