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ESL Best Practices in the Workplace

Written by Deena Rodriguez

Wellness makes a huge difference in the lives of our participants and in enhancing the positive workplace culture of our clients.  Take a look at ESL Federal Credit Union and the amazing work they are putting into their employees' wellbeing with the, BeWell@ESL programs.  Our guest blogger Deena Rodriguez from ESL shares a glimpse into their best practices.  

Thank you Deena for sharing the great work ESL is doing for their employees.  

ESL is committed to minimizing employee health risks and managing group health care costs by continually offering opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors.  We encourage employees to complete an annual health screening, attend our sponsored Health and Wellness fair, join our fitness center, choose healthier choices in our cafe, or take time in our relaxation zone.  We provide our employees with the tools they need to stay healthy and strive to BeWell@ESL!  

ESL strives to offer a comprehensive program that addresses all facets of wellness.  We are always on the cutting edge of wellness and consistently offer a multi-faceted program including:

  • Stress Management Initiatives

  • Hydration Challenge

  • Stair Climbing Campaign

  • Just Move It Celebration

  • Telemedicine Benefits

  • Other Fun Family Events

In addition to the wellness offerings at corporate headquarters, each branch is empowered to run their own wellness initiatives in the form of a challenge, educational workshop, or activity.  In 2018, 49 branch programs participated with over 20 hydration challenges, 11 stress management initiatives, 10 step/walking challenges, 7 healthy eating/cooking programs, and one weight loss challenge. 

In 2018, ESL launched HealthCheck360's robust and customized platform. It allows ESL to reward healthy activities year-round.  Participants can earn cash points (up to $300/year) by tracking their exercise and wellness activities, creating challenges with co-workers or the entire company, watching webinars, or participating in ESL's specific wellness activities and programs that are routinely added to the platform. This houses all our wellness programs in one spot to help with the overall administration and ability to report and measure.

For more than a decade, BeWell@ESL has been a vital part of ESL's unique workplace culture.  It is a key component of why Great Place to Work has voted ESL America's Best Medium Workplaces eight times in the past.  

Our wellness program has added tremendous value to the overall employee experience at ESL.  Employees love the culture and the many ways to get involved.  In addition to actively encouraging employees to discover ways to improve their health and wellness, BeWell@ESL's many activities have added tremendous fun to the workplace and helped increase employee engagement and satisfaction.  In fact, in our annual Employee Pulse and great Place to Work surveys, employees consistently call out our wellness program as one of the top 10 attributes that make ESL a great place to work. 

It is clear that BeWell@ESL plays a major role in our award-winning culture!

Thank you again Deena for that insight on what it takes to make a wellness program successful.  If you would like more information about Lifestyle Rewards Programs check out this great video below!


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