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Save Money and Boost HR Efficiency with Expert Benefits Navigation

Written by Jessica F

As an employer, you know that rising healthcare costs are a major burden. But what if you could save significant money on your company's health plan while also providing an exceptional employee experience? HealthCheck360's Advocacy program offers a solution by connecting your employees with expert benefits navigation.

The True Cost of Benefits Confusion When employees don't fully understand their health benefits, it leads to poor healthcare decisions that drive up costs. They may receive unnecessary or overly complex treatments, go out-of-network, or simply avoid care due to confusion. This raises your company's medical spending and results in a workforce that is less healthy and productive.

HealthCheck360 Guides Smarter Healthcare Choices
With the Advocacy program, your employees have direct access to healthcare and insurance experts any time they have questions. Our dedicated team walks them through their benefits, explains coverage, finds in-network providers, and identifies the most cost-effective treatment options.

The results are clear: around 30% of employees choose less invasive or complex procedures when using an advocate. By becoming smarter healthcare consumers, your employees optimize their benefits utilization while reducing overall plan costs.

A Modern Benefits Experience Employees Love
The old days of sifting through paper benefits guides are over. HealthCheck360 provides a mobile-first platform that lets employees easily view and manage every aspect of their benefits, from medical to vision, HSAs, disability, and more. This user-friendly interface empowers your workforce to confidently navigate their healthcare journey.

HR Workload Relief and Cost Savings
For your busy HR team, delivering high-quality benefits support is a constant challenge. Our Advocacy program serves as an extension of your HR department by handling most employee questions and requests related to benefits, enrollment, claims, and more.

In fact, one company with over 1,000 employees saved an estimated $80,000 annually by directing benefits inquiries to HealthCheck360 instead of internal HR resources. That's a huge efficiency gain for your overworked HR staff.

Take Control of Healthcare Costs Today
With healthcare costs continuing to rise, employers need proactive solutions. HealthCheck360's Advocacy program creates more educated and cost-conscious consumers of healthcare. By combining benefits navigation, a modern employee experience, and HR support, you can lead the way to better care while reducing your company's healthcare expenditures.

Reach out today to learn how the Advocacy program can pay dividends for your business and workforce.


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