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Getting the Real Scoop: Using Surveys to Understand Employees' Benefits Needs

Written by Jennifer Koenig


Providing impactful and appreciated benefits is key for attracting and retaining top talent. But how can organizations really know which offerings employees value most? Or even how well they understand their benefits? The answer is simple - ask them! Conducting regular employee surveys specifically focused on benefits can provide great insight.

Rather than guessing which benefits have the highest utility or making assumptions based one-time feedback, sending out targeted surveys on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis lets you gather regular data. This accounts for changing employee demographics and shifting priorities over time. It also allows you to dig into specific topics like experiences and preferences around open enrollment, benefits understanding of new and experienced employees, and the types of benefits employees most value. Surveying frequently ensures you capture timely feedback.

Short and focused surveys yield the best results. You want high response rates to get meaningful data. Keep it simple with ranking questions like:

  • Please rate your overall satisfaction with the open enrollment experience this year.
  • My company provides clear and easy-to-understand information about its benefits programs. 
  • How satisfied are you with the benefits offered by the company?
  • The company offers reasonable flexibility with my work schedule.

Tools like Engage360 make it effortless to create, distribute, and analyze such surveys with instant analytics on results and the ability to segment responses by location, tenure, and more.

One of our clients recently had this to say about the power of Engage360: 

"Our process for collecting employee feedback was so cumbersome. Your tool adds value because we easily see trends and focus areas from the feedback."

The small investment pays dividends through data that directly informs benefits spending. You can assess satisfaction with current offerings and determine which new ones employees want most. This leads to optimized benefits packages employees actually use and appreciate. That enhances recruitment, engagement, retention and your employer brand.

Make employee benefits an evolving conversation, not a once-a-year decision. Regular surveys foster dialogue and demonstrate you sincerely want to understand priorities from your team. This culture of listening shows you care about attracting and supporting great people, not just profits. Get the real scoop on benefits needs through surveys to shape the offerings that matter most to your employees.


Learn more about Engage360 here. 



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