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HealthCheck360 Partners With Fern Health

Written by Jenna Wesenberg

HealthCheck360 clients now have access to much-needed support for chronic pain, including musculoskeletal disorders.

HealthCheck360 is expanding its program to address the underlying cause of persistent pain by offering access to a digital pain management platform through Fern Health. 

"Chronic pain isn't only a physical stressor for employees, it also has a huge impact on their well-being, productivity, and healthcare costs," says Trent Tangen, Assistant Vice President at HealthCheck360.  "Fern Health gives employers the tools to help employees get at the root of chronic pain, including musculoskeletal conditions." 

Research has well established that chronic pain is not just a physical issue, but also deeply connected to emotional health issues like anxiety, stress and sleep. Developed in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, Fern Health's evidence-based, multi-disciplinary program addresses both the physical and psychological sides of pain, an approach often called biopsychosocial. By combining traditional therapeutic exercise and daily movement programming with emotional health and sleep programming, pain neuroscience education, and pain-focused health coaching, Fern Health helps members get healthier, faster.                                  

"Roughly one in five adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, whether from an MSK issue or another condition like chronic migraine or fibromyalgia," said Brad Lawson, CEO of Fern Health. "Fern Health is digitizing the gold standard of chronic pain treatment that is usually only available at leading pain clinics. We're thrilled to be joining the HealthCheck360 ecosystem of resources for their customers and program participants."

As a total health management company, HealthCheck360 focuses on improving employee health and decreasing employer medical costs. From managing chronic conditions and navigating the complex health care process, to helping employees maintain their health, HealthCheck360 evolves with an employer's program. "Employers are looking for ways to address musculoskeletal pain," said Tangen. "HealthCheck360 is excited to partner with Fern Health and bring these much-needed resources to employers."

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