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Free Resource: January 2024 Well-Being Calendar

Written by Jessica F

Invest in your employees' wellness in the New Year with our January well-being calendar!

As we embark on a new year, provide your team with tools to support their health and productivity. Our free January well-being calendar offers daily motivation and guidance to help them make positive lifestyle changes.

This calendar includes healthy recipes, exercise tips, and mindfulness practices for beginners and health enthusiasts alike. These quick, daily activities can create more engaged, focused, and satisfied employees.

Supporting wellness at work has been linked to lower healthcare costs and higher retention. Providing this calendar along with other health resources and tools demonstrates your commitment to employees as whole people, not just workers.

Now is the perfect time to support wellness initiatives as your people set New Year's resolutions. Capitalize on this momentum by distributing this well-being calendar to equip them to stick to healthy changes in 2024 and beyond.

When employees thrive personally, they become more invested and productive at work. Make this the year you actively support their physical, mental, and emotional health. The benefits for your organization could be immense. Download this calendar today to hang in your breakrooms or distribute the electronic copy to access the clickable links! 

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Do you want more free resources to strengthen your health management program? Check out our monthly coaching webinars that cover a wide range of wellness topics to help your team live their healthiest lives. 

Monthly Coaching Webinars: Discover our monthly coaching webinars that are completely free for your employees. These webinars cover a wide range of topics throughout the year, aimed at helping them achieve their healthiest year ever. Take a look at our exciting lineup of upcoming webinars today and share them with your team! 

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