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Transforming Employee Healthcare for a Global Manufacturing Company

Written by Jessica F

HealthCheck360's Advocacy Program empowers employees to make informed healthcare decisions and deliver measurable and impactful results for our clients.

One of our clients was struggling with the uncertainty of healthcare costs causing employees to avoid getting important preventative care. Through our advocacy program, we were able to help them achieve an impressive 340% ROI by identifying two primary challenges affecting their workforce:

  • Rising Healthcare Costs: The company was grappling with the escalating costs of healthcare for its employees, impacting both the organization's bottom line and the financial well-being of its workforce.
  • Lack of Healthcare Transparency: Employees were facing challenges navigating the unclear landscape of healthcare costs, hindering their decision-making process, leading to unexpected medical expenses, and neglecting crucial preventative care measures. 

Despite transparency laws, the average consumer faces challenges in accessing clear information about medical costs. For our client, a leading consumer-product manufacturer committed to employee well-being, rising healthcare costs and a lack of transparency posed significant hurdles, impacting members and the long-term viability of their health plan. 

The Solution: HealthCheck360's Advocacy Program

In response to these challenges, our client implemented HealthCheck360’s Advocacy Program. Designed to empower employees with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed healthcare decisions, the program creates cost savings for both the employees and the company.


Implementation and Adoption
The advocacy program offered a shared cost-savings incentive for employees, promoting

better healthcare decisions such as choosing in-network providers. The myAdvocate360

mobile app provided real-time benefits information and access to HealthCheck360 Advocates

for personalized healthcare recommendations. The implementation process was seamless,

and the HR team played a pivotal role in promoting the program across all locations. 

Results Achieved
    • Mobile Adoption: In the first year, 31% of the workforce downloaded the app, showcasing high employee engagement.
    • Cost Savings: The company saved an impressive $485,600 on the health plan in just one year, highlighting the tangible financial benefits.
    • Time Savings for HR Team: The HR team saved over 700 hours previously spent fielding healthcare questions from employees. This time-savings allowed them to focus on more strategic priorities.
    • Return On Investment (ROI): The client achieved an outstanding ROI of 340%, underscoring the effectiveness of the advocacy program in addressing challenges and delivering substantial organizational value.

The HealthCheck360 Advocacy program empowered employees to make informed healthcare decisions AND delivered measurable and impactful results for our client. Its success showcases the potential for organizations to transform employee healthcare, achieving both financial savings and improved well-being.

If you need a solution for rising healthcare costs and lack of transparency, our advocacy program proves its effectiveness with real, measurable results.


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