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Wellbeats On-Demand Fitness

Written by Jessica F

Exercise improves the quality of life and overall well-being. Help your employees find an exercise plan that fits. Wellbeats on-demand fitness delivers fitness classes, challenges, and more to your users anytime, anywhere!

HealthCheck360’s partnership with Wellbeats offers a digital workout program tailored to
fit the needs of your employees. Wellbeats empowers your employees with easy-to-use,
personalized workout programs that range in fitness ability, workout preference, schedule, and lifestyle. Employees can choose from more than 400 videos from fitness to mindfulness
and nutrition. The videos are available online or through Wellbeats Android or iOS app,
making it easier than ever for your employees to get fit.

What's Included
  • 400+ high-quality videos ranging in topics from fitness to mindfulness
  • 2-8 weeks of goal-based challenges, like weight loss and training for a 5k
  • Certified instructors to motivate, educate, and maximize results
  • Ability to track progress and results with fitness assessments
  • Regular, targeted in-app messaging and push notifications

With certified instructors, assessments, and a goal-based plan, your employees are sure
to find a workout plan that fits their lifestyle. Whether your employees are working from
home, remotely, or on the go, Wellbeats offers a flexible fitness experience that meets them
where they’re at on their health journey.


Benefits of Wellbeats Integration with HealthCheck360

  • Single click access
  • Seamless integration between myHealthcheck360 mobile app and site to Wellbeats
  • Discounted Wellbeats pricing
  • One point of contact; a client’s existing HealthCheck360 Account Manager facilities the Wellbeats set-up and onboarding

Help your employees improve their health and stay on track with their well-being goals by learning how HealthCheck360 maximizes the value of partner programs and integrations today. 

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