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BYOD: Connecting Glucose & Blood Pressure Devices

Written by Jennifer Koenig

For diabetic and hypertensive patients, tracking glucose or blood pressure is an important step, but many times it's cumbersome. And at best, that tracking can be time consuming. We’re launching some new technology that allows users to snap a picture of the reading on their existing medical device and automatically load it to their app.

Managing a chronic health condition is a 24/7 job. We want to make it simple for users with easy-to-use technology that helps them understand what they need to do to manage their health.


BYOD: Bring Your Own Device

Most patients with a chronic condition already have a device they've picked up at Walgreens, CVS, or WalMart at the urging of their physician. And many times, these devices are 'unconnected', meaning the data is stored on the device. Our technology supports many of the devices users already have at home, keeping the experience easy and familiar for them. 


No More Manual Entry

Users simply select their device from a list and snap a photo of their device's display. The app automatically reads the device's screen and seamlessly loads the data to their account, all in real-time. This easy of use helps drive compliance with recommended care.


See It In Action

See our new health management app in action with this webinar and learn how technology can support individuals with chronic conditions. If you're a user of the myHealthCheck360 app, this technology is already available on the myHealthCheck360 app today. 


Discover how you can close gaps in care, and control costs with the HealthCheck360 condition management program.


Plus! Learn more about our new mobile app here.



Topics: Diabetes, Corporate Well-being



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