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How Condition Management Programs Save You Money

Written by Jennifer Koenig

Did you know that condition management, or chronic care management programs go beyond keeping patients compliant with care? Condition Management helps close the knowledge gap for members. From helping patients understand their condition, what it means to their long-term health, helping them understand their medical bills, to learning about what each prescription does, condition management goes way beyond checking the boxes. 

A recent Maestro Health survey revealed that 33% of respondents don't understand their medical bills. At HealthCheck360, 11% of participants report that they don't understand their health plan benefits. These are just two stats that show how wide the knowledge gap is among American health plan members.


Condition Management programs are one way to help close this knowledge gap among your members. Those with chronic conditions are some of the biggest users of your health plan, so educating them about coverage, medical bills, networks, and more equals significant savings for your plan. 


Here are just a few of the ways chronic care management programs educate your members and to save your plan money: 

  • Understanding Medical Conditions. This one might surprise you, but it's not uncommon for participants in a chronic care management program to have no idea how serious their medical condition is, let alone how to manage it. Guiding members through what the condition in, how it affects their body, what questions to ask their doctor, and lifestyle changes that are needed are all topics condition management nurses cover with members.  
  • Learning about prescriptions. Many times patients don't know why they take the medications they do, how to take them correctly, or that there are cheaper alternatives available. 
  • Reading medical bills. Reading medical bills is something a lot of people struggle with. Condition management nurses arm members with the skills they need to be more health literate. 
  • Being a good consumer of health care. Like the confusion around their prescriptions, members don't always know what's covered under your plan, who is in-network, or what alternative treatment options might be. 

Is your condition management program working for you? Learn everything you need to know about condition management and chronic care management programs here.


You can also contact us for more information or check out the webinar recording below for ways to keep your highest cost employees getting the right care. 

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