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How To Reward Compliance with Recommended Care

Written by Abby Green

It's no secret that people struggle with managing their health, even when they know the potential costs.  

A big part of that is making small (or sometimes not so small) decisions today that have a big impact on our health in the future.  83% of employers with more than 200 workers offer some type of health promotion program, but how many focus on supporting workers with chronic conditions?  Here are a few ways you can reward people for taking the right steps with managing their health:

  • HSA contributions for compliance with recommended care.  When you have a health condition, you have lab work to complete, visits with your physician, not to mention medications and tracking things like blood pressure or glucose levels.  Encourage compliance and cut down on the out of pocket costs for employees by providing HSA funds.
  • Premium reductions are still an option. Provide a preferred premium rate for compliance with care.  When individuals are in control of their health, claims remain steady and catastrophic claims due to unmanaged health conditions are less likely.
  • Combine chronic care management with wellness incentives. You may already have an incentive in place for things like completing a health risk assessment, seeing your physician for an annual physical, or participating in a walking or activity program.  Round this out to include managing diagnosed conditions.  Reward things like refilling medications on schedule, completing preventative screenings and tracking your health (measuring glucose levels, for example). 

These are just a few options to encourage health management and increase compliance with recommended care.  Check out our chronic condition management program for more on managing chronic health conditions. 



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