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Carrots | Fresh Finds

Written by Jennifer Koenig

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Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A in the body. This is a huge win for your body because it promotes good vision, is important for growth, and immune function. Plus, carrots have a lot of fiber which helps keep you full longer.

Look for carrots with a smooth surface, deep color, and those that are firm and crisp.  Wilted or split carrots or those with dark spots indicate they are starting to get old. This may come as a surprise, but do not wash carrots until you’re ready to use them. Gently scrub carrots under cold running water to remove all the dirt on the surface. Next, trim the ends of the carrots and peel if desired. If you peel carrots, peel only one layer from the surface. If the carrots have a bad spot on them, cut it out with a small knife.

Carrots make an awesome snack raw. Crunchy and slightly sweet, they can be eaten with hummus, peanut butter, or on their own. Add shredded carrots to your salad for some color and crunch, or sauté for a side dish to accompany dinner or as part of a stir fry. Get one of our favorite stir fry recipes here! Add beef or chicken for a little extra protein.

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