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Guava | Fresh Finds

Written by Jennifer Koenig

Fresh Finds Letterhead-01
Fresh-Finds-Link-Photos-GuavaGuava, though small, is one powerful fruit! This little fruit is rich in manganese, which helps your body absorb key nutrients from other foods that we eat. Plus, a banana and a guava contain almost the same amount of potassium!


Guava can be eaten in a variety of ways, including:

Want to learn how to pick the perfect guava? Check out these tips.

Touch & Feel: Look for the softest guava you can find! The softer the guava, the sweeter and more delicious it will be. Once you purchase or pick your guavas, you have about two days before they go bad. In order to tell if a guava is ripe, squeeze it gently. If it gives under your fingers, it’s ripe.

Look & Color:  Blemishes or bruises on guavas can mean the fruit is bad or will not taste good.  Ripe guavas are those that have gone from bright green to a softer yellowish-green color.  A little bit of pink on the fruit indicates the fruit is ready to eat now

Smell: Take a whiff!  If you can smell the guava without putting it to your nose, take it home with you. You want guavas to smell sweet and slightly musky.

Clean up: Wash the entire guava because like you would an apple because all parts are edible. Rinse with cold water in an effort to control any bacterial growth and pat dry with paper towels.

Cut & Prepare: A serrated knife works best when cutting open a guava. You can either cut guavas in half or cut them into slices. On the inside you may see pink or white flesh.

Season & Eat it: You can season guava with a range of things from soy sauce, salt, sugar, to even vinegar.  Eat the guava whole or scoop out the inside if you don’t want to eat the skin.

Save & Store: Want to eat the guava in the next few days? Wrap the whole, uncut fruit it in plastic wrap and throw it in your fridge.  Need more time? Freeze your guava and store it up to eight months.

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