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Holiday Stress Management

Written by Sarah Park

View along Clumber Street (toward Victoria Shopping Centre), Nottingham, England. 28th Dec 2013, busy post-Christmas sales. Captured with a long shutter speed to produce creative blur, and render faces blurred.

The holiday season brings many different things to shop for such as gifts, party favors, or food items.  Malls and grocery stores are advertising left and right to bring in as many shoppers as possible.  It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season, but with that also brings some stress to our lives.  Read our tips below to help ease your shopping woes and enjoy your holidays!


Start EARLY!

This is definitely easier said than done, but starting your shopping sooner will free up more of your time as important holiday dates get closer.  Start your list of gifts for family and friends now, and try to pick up a gift or two during regular shopping trips before the holiday rush.  Are you hosting a family dinner?  Watch for sales on non-perishable items that can be purchased ahead of time.


Avoid Peak Shopping Times

As much as the deals do sound great for Black Friday, is the amount of money you save worth your time and energy?  Don't forget about Cyber Monday deals for online shopping.  This is a great way to take advantage of great deals from the comfort (and quiet!) of your own home.  If you do need to go shopping for a gift, weekday afternoons and weekend evenings tend to be the best time to avoid the heavy traffic.


Make a Budget

This is one of the biggest sources of stress during the holidays.  Check to see if your job or bank offers a Christmas Club where you can put away a little bit of money each month throughout the year to save for the holidays.  Bringing only the amount of money you need when shopping will also help the temptation to use credit cards.


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