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5 Tips to be Fit & Frugal

Written by Mara Simonson

This month, HealthCheck360 is focusing on Financial Wellness. In a world where it costs around $500 a year for a gym membership, it is easy to say it is “too expensive to be healthy”. In an effort to prove that there are cost effective approaches to living a healthy lifestyle, I spent the month of June seeking out the best deals and tricks to living healthy while saving money. Here is my advice on getting fit on a budget.

  1. Contact your local gyms and fitness facilities. Last month, I contacted two local yoga studios. I had never attended a class at these studios before so one offered me a free week of classes and the other, two free classes. This is a great option if you want to try something new but do not want to commit to a monthly membership.
  2. Get outside. The world truly is your playground. If you do not have a gym to workout in, go outside. I found the perfect route in my neighborhood to take a short run to a park and then do push-ups on a park bench, pull-ups on the monkey bars, and run the stairs at a nearby building. This workout cost me nothing. Take a strenuous hike. Go for a walk/run. Play a recreational sport or swim in a lake. It is all free!
  3. Use your resources. Don’t have the money to pay for a personal trainer? There are TONS of free apps out there that provide workout plans and instructional videos. A few of my favorites are Nike+ Training Club and Workout Trainer. Prefer a live coach rather than an app? HealthCheck360 participants have free, unlimited inbound coaching available to them. All you have to do is call 866-511-0360 and ask to be scheduled for a coaching call.
  4. Treat yourself, and your bank account. Last month, I wanted to de-stress with a massage although, I did not want to pay $75 for an hour. How is that stress free? I looked into our local massage therapy school and found the beginner massage therapists offer an hour massage for only $30. And guess what? It was just as good!
  5. Eat real food. It is no secret that grocery shopping can get expensive fast. I learned that our local Hy-Vee offers a discount on healthy food items every Wednesday. I rearranged my grocery shopping schedule to get my favorite healthy snacks for a little less. Another great way to save is to grow your own produce. Or, become friends with your gardening coworkers; they seem to always have plenty of tomatoes to go around.


How do you live a healthy lifestyle while keeping the bank account in check? Let us know at You might just see your tips shared on our blog or on our social media accounts this July!





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