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5 Ways to Live Longer

Written by Mara Simonson


If you’ve ever looked at longevity studies or read one of those articles about people who live the longest, you will find positive relationships and human connection are prominent themes. It kind of makes sense though.

Healthy social interactions make us happier, less stressed, and create a supportive environment.Check out the following tips to improve your social well-being this year. Connecting with friends AND living longer? Sign me up.

  1. Schedule a Monthly Gathering
    Coordinate a monthly coffee date with friends, lunch with coworkers, or an evening walk with your family. Scheduling a reoccurring event helps the group hold one another accountable to meet regularly and gives everyone something to look forward to.
  2. Participate in Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteering with a group of people is a great way to engage with others and get more involved in the community. Not only will you get to interact with fellow volunteers, but you will also learn from the people you are helping. Find something that interests you like working at a food pantry, picking up trash at a state park, or even apply for a mentoring program.
  3. Less Screen Time
    Have you ever walked into an elevator full of people and everyone is silently looking at their phone? We often use our phone as a way to avoid social interaction. Next time you are waiting in line at a store or sitting on an airplane, I challenge you to keep your phone off and get to know the people near you.
  4. Find Group Events
    Sometimes finding a social event that aligns with your interests is challenging. You might be new to the area or want to branch out from your regular activities. There are great resources out there to help you. Download the Meetup app or use Eventbrite to find events near you!
  5. Date Night!
    Life is crazy! Although you my spend a good amount of time with your significant other or spouse, how often do you give one another your undivided attention?  Plan a date night so you can set aside all other distractions and spend meaningful time with one another. 

Whether you’re grabbing drinks with friends you haven’t seen in a while or taking a few mindful minutes to yourself away from your phone, social well-being can greatly impact your overall health. Making a few small changes today can lead to a more well balanced future. Check out this blog post for tips on how you can make a difference today, or this post about boosting your mental wellness.  

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