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Nature Can Benefit Your Health?

Written by Rachel Mattox on August 31, 2018

It's true! Getting the recommended amount of physical activity every day doesn’t have to be a chore. An easy way to make exercise fun for the whole family is by getting outside. Being active outdoors is a great way for you to reconnect with nature and stay healthy.

Perks of Exploring Nature: 

Exercising in nature has been proven to improve mental and physical health, including:

  • A boost of Vitamin D
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Improved immune and cognitive functions
  • Stress relief
  • Better sleep 


Ideas to Get Active and Outdoors! 

  • Go for A Walk: Go for a walk around the block after work or dinner to get your heart pumping. Ask your colleagues to move the meeting from a conference room to an outdoor walking meeting to get steps in throughout the day. 
  • Take A Hike: Improve your heart health by grabbing a friend and heading out for a hike! Check out this website to find a hiking trail near you. 
  • Ride Your BikeRiding a bike helps improve balance and endurance. It's also a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. Consider biking to work or school to sneak in some extra exercise during the week.
  • Swimming: This low-impact activity burns more calories per hour than almost any other activity, and has been shown to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.
  • Sports: This is an easy one to forget that includes such a wide range of options. Below are just a few options that allow you to connect with the outdoors while getting active! 
    • Tennis
    • Golf
    • Pick-up game of basketball
    • Kayaking 
    • Beach volleyball
    • Baseball or softball 

If you are spending more than an hour or two outside, don't forget to pack a water bottle and sunscreen.

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