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Highway 1 California: Shoes Made for Walkin'

Written by Jennifer Koenig

This week we’re shifting into high gear as we continue our journey north on Highway One to San Francisco.


The approximately 56.2 miles up to the Golden Gate Bridge will be a strenuous effort, but we believe in you! Shoot for 15,000 steps each day this week to stay on the road to a healthier you.



Whether you are simply walking around the neighborhood, running on a treadmill or training for a race, you will want to invest in a good pair of shoes.


Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are designed to give you the flexibility, support, and the proper push off needed for walking. They are more flexible in the ball of the foot to allow for better range-of-motion through the forefoot. Walking shoes also have more arch support to protect the area of your food where forces is heaviest.


Running Shoes

Running shoes have more cushion in the heel of the shoe to protect your food from the impact of running. In addition, running shoes have no side stability because your foot only moves forward when you run. Finally, most running shoes are made primarily of mesh to help your feet breathe and stay cool as you run.

We love this video from WebMD on how to pick a workout shoe


Everyone’s feet are different, but look for shoes that are light, flexible and immediately feel comfortable. Walking and running shoes should not require a "breaking in" period. Visit a specialty shoe store for a professional assessment on the shoes that fit your feet.







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