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2020 Will Be Your Best Year Yet

Written by Sienna McGuire

New Year's resolutions get a bad name. It's great to keep striving to be better, but resolutions can lead to unrealistic expectations. We won't always be perfect, and that's okay! Instead, let's focus on progress for the new year. What area of your life do you want to improve? Read on for realistic ways to make 2020 an incredible year!  

1. Choose a goal with Meaning

Do you set out to get in shape every year? Do you tell yourself this is the year you eat a million salads? Take some time to think about why your goal means so much to you. Maybe you'll find it's not actually the goal for you. Maybe this is the year you need to focus on your stress, sleep habits, or have more fun! Exercise and eating healthy can sometimes come easier after you focus on a really meaningful goal. So if this is the year you want to write that book you're always dreaming of, do it! The rest will fall into place. 


2. Start Small

Resist the urge to set huge, unrealistic goals. If your goal is to start cooking dinner at home, start with just 2 nights a week. Once you get a handle on 2 nights a week, you can start adding more! Beginning with small goals is more manageable and allows your confidence to soar. 


3. Set Backs Are Okay 

We all have days or even weeks when things don't go as planned. That's life! Switch your mindset from perfection to progress. When we fall off track, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Set backs are part of the process, so use them as a learning tool. There's no rules to how many times you need to hit the reset button and try again. 


So if you're ready to make 2020 a great year, pick a few goals that mean a lot to you and start with realistic expectations. Ditch perfection and give yourself time to make progress.You got this!  


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