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5 Brain Hacks to Accomplish Your Goals

Written by Abbey Carlson

The New Year is over and if you created a goal but haven't done anything to accomplish it, where do you start?  At HealthCheck360, we talk a lot about creating goals, staying with it, and accomplishing them!  

We've all been there, you have every intention to get home from work, put on workout clothes and finally exercise.  But when 5 PM rolls around, you're unmotivated.  You know it would be easier to sit on the couch with your favorite book or show.  

That's where these 5 Brain Hacks can help.  Recently, Amy Morin, a mental strength trainer was featured on about her goal to get six-pack abs in 30 days and documented the hacks she used to keep herself motivated. 

  1. Break Big Tasks into Manageable Chunks
  2. You Can Do Anything for 10 minutes
  3. What's Your Why
  4. Prove Yourself Wrong
  5. Make Yourself Proud

All of our goals are different.  They may not be to get abs, it could be going on a walk every day, meal prepping instead of relying on drive-thru, or finishing a big project at work.  What's important, is having a goal and sticking with it.  Check out the article to read more about how she stuck with her goal, even when she felt unmotivated.  

*Spoiler Alert: She got her six-pack! 


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