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Connection Through COVID-19

Written by Abbey Carlson

The holidays can be an emotional time of year, especially with the pandemic keeping families apart that only get to see each other a few times a year.  Below are few ways to stay connected with family members, especially with older generations that may not be as tech-savvy.  

Connecting with friends and family can relieve holiday-related stress and help get you in the holiday spirit.  

  • Send homemade cards and trinkets. Crafts hold a special place in the hearts of grandparents.  Get your kids involved and excited to send something to their family.  
  • Build a call schedule. Communicate with your other family members so someone is calling grandparents and parents every day. 
  • Purchase a Digital Frame for Others.  In a digital age, we forget to print and frame photos that live on our cell phones.  A digital frame can project pictures that are uploaded from an app and can be updated whenever there are new photos. We like Aura Frames, here's a link.  Send this frame to your family members so you can send new photos whenever you'd like.
  • Schedule a Virtual Viewing.  Plan to watch holiday movies or tv shows at the same time as your family members and talk on the phone afterward.  Bonus points if it's A Charlie Brown's Christmas.
  • Keeping Updated on Doctor's Visit.  Help your family members stay on top of their office visits or telemedicine appointments.  It can be a lot to manage if appointments had to be moved around.
  • Window Visits and Decorating. If you live close, schedule a time for a window visit and accompanying phone call.  Help your kids decorate loved one's windows with holiday decorations.  This can spread cheer and ease emotions while distancing.  
  • Reschedule Events.  If chose to cancel your holiday plans, don't abandon them entirely!  Reschedule these plans for when it's safe.  Cook your favorite holiday foods, decorate as normally, and get to together with those you normally would.  
Happy Holidays from HealthCheck360.  Stay well.


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