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Diabetes Prevention - 4 Things to Start Doing Right Now

Written by Coach Cher

Working as a nurse at HealthCheck360, I have seen many folks struggle with high blood sugar. Diabetes and pre-diabetes are very serious and can increase your risk for heart disease along with many other chronic illnesses. 

High sugar causes inflammation in the body and health concerns that require lifestyle changes to manage the condition, which can mean undoing years, and sometimes decades of bad habits. Starting to change just one aspect can assist prevent or manage the condition. Getting support and good advice can assist in starting you on that first step. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Health Coaching. Having an advocate to talk with you about your personal struggles, offer accountability, and advice on where you can improve is so important to making lasting changes. 
  2. Weight Loss. Even just 5% weight loss is considered medically significant. 
  3. Exercise. The key here is to just move. Start with light walking or stretching if it's been a long time since you last were active. 
  4. Nutrition. Use rules of thumb like healthy carbs, not drinking your calories, and eating real food. 

Many times, this can be a lot to keep track of. We created this handy tip sheet for you to use to get educated and stay mindful about managing and preventing diabetes. 


Remember, Type 2 diabetes is often preventable. Sometimes making one change can make a BIG difference!


If you need some inspiration, check out these success stories from participants just like you. They've achieved some amazing results, and you can too!


Contact your doctor before making any new lifestyle changes around medication, exercise, or nutrition. 


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