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Staying Connected During the Holidays

Written by Abbey Carlson

Saying this holiday season is going to look different is an understatement. Whether you're a part of a big family that won't be able to get together during the holidays or you're looking for new ways to stay connected to friends and family, HealthCheck360 is here with ways to communicate, even when we can't be in same place. 

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, even when there isn't a pandemic.  Reaching out to friends and family can help you relieve stress and get you in the holiday spirit.  

  • Pick up the phone and call.  While this isn't a new way of connecting, it's our favorite.  Don't forget about grandparents or family members who may not have access to video chat or even Wi-Fi.  
  • Video chat story time.  Set up a time with grandparents to read your kids their favorite story. Bonus points if it's The Night Before Christmas!
  • Donate within your community.   Reach out to your local food bank and ask what they need in stock.  Fill up on your next grocery run and encourage family and friends to do the same.   
  • Send holiday cards.  If you send out cards every season, take it to the next level. Include a personalized letter to those close to you. 
  • Organize a holiday lights drive. Find a park or community in your area that went all out with their decorations and lights.  Invite your family members to join you in a caravan through the lights.  

The holidays are going to be different for everyone this year. No matter how you celebrate, make sure you're prioritizing your health and mental well-being.  

Happy Holidays from HealthCheck360.  Stay well.


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