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The Link Between Health and Happiness

Written by Jessica F

Happiness is a positive emotion that can include feelings of gladness, satisfaction, joy and well-being. Many Americans desire happy, fulfilling lives. However, happiness is not an isolated feeling. It’s complex and connected to your overall physical and mental health.

Happiness and Physical Health

A study published in the Psychological Science Journal found a link between happiness and physical health. When your body is healthy, it serves as a foundation for happiness to thrive. Exercise, diet and sleep all play vital roles in facilitating health and happiness.

The body releases natural feel-good chemicals known as endorphins during physical activity. This can improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Physical activity also improves cardiovascular health and boosts energy levels.

A balanced diet of lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats can support improved cognitive function, emotional stability and overall well-being.

Sleep is another factor that impacts health and happiness. Studies show that quality sleep can improve focus, mental health, cognitive performance and emotional resilience.

Happiness and Mental Health
Mental health plays a critical role in overall well-being and happiness. It encompasses your emotional, psychological and social state. Strong mental health allows happiness to flourish.

Healthy relationships are crucial for mental well-being. Supportive friendships and positive social interactions can foster a sense of belonging and contribute to happiness.

Professional guidance can also help you maintain positive mental health. Mental health professionals can provide tools and support to overcome challenges. They can also help you identify and address any underlying mental health conditions which can contribute to your happiness in the long run.

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