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Managing Financial Stress During the Holidays

Written by Jessica F

If the holiday shopping season stresses you out, you’re not alone. Research by financial services company Bankrate revealed that more than half (54%) of holiday shoppers expect to feel financially burdened this holiday season as they anticipate overall high costs.

While American consumers no longer face inflation levels like last year’s holiday season, they are still concerned about costs. Bankrate estimates that 87% of holiday shoppers plan to use at least one money-saving strategy, such as:

  • Buying fewer items
  • Seeking out more coupons or sales
  • Starting holiday shopping earlier
  • Purchasing cheaper brands
  • Making gifts or crafts
  • Obtaining more used or secondhand items

Financial anxiety and stress can be debilitating. If you’re feeling significant stress, consider talking to a mental health professional for guidance and support and check out this month's full Live Well, Work Well Newsletter to learn more about financial stress!

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