March Coaching Webinar: Meal Prep Madness

CoachShelby | March 08, 2018 | Coaching Webinar | 3 Comments

Madness? YES! Madness! With a step-by-step guide on how to meal prep and 5 (!!) recipes included, this webinar will save you time. First, no digging through Pinterest boards for recipes. And then again when you have healthy, coach-approved meals ready to go. 

Coach Ashley and I are crazy excited to share our meal prep tips with you this month.


As busy, working parents, we both know how stressful eating healthy on-the-go can be. Or, just eating at all with a family on-the-go. This month's webinar breaks down WHY meal prepping is important, HOW to do it (because really, who has time to read through those ginormous blog posts?), and we GIVE you 5 recipes for healthy, make-ahead meals. 


Check it out. We know you'll love it. 


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