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Meditation at Work. Is It For You?

Written by Abbey Carlson

If you're sitting at your desk relax your shoulders, unclench your jaw, and take a deep breath.  This simple practice can refocus your mind and help you practice mindfulness, having a major impact on your workday. 

Recently, HealthCheck360 brought a meditation instructor to our office to teach employees how they can integrate meditation and mindfulness into their day.  After speaking on the benefits of meditation and different ways to clear your mind, our instructor had us close our eyes and begin.  Speaking in a calm voice, she counted to four while we breathed in through our nose and counted to six while exhaling. 

After the practice was over, the team felt more energized and focused.  Our instructor noted that a mindful 20-minute practice could feel like a three-hour nap. 

The great thing about meditation is that it can be practiced in any setting.  We practiced in a well-lit meeting room right next to a busy hallway.  The instructor noted if you wait for the perfect conditions to start, you will never begin.  This is always a concern for people who are told they should practice meditation at their desks for stress management.  Will they be able to concentrate with all the distractions?  After the experience at HealthCheck360, we can confidently say yes!

Try it today!  You don't need any fancy equipment or to sit with your legs crossed.  All you need is to follow along with Coach Trent on a few guided meditations and we have even more tips to get beginners started!  


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