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Practicing Resiliency Can Help You Live Happier

Written by HealthCheck360 Abbey

People often compare "going with the flow," to resiliency.  While they share a few similarities, they're fundamentally different.  Going with the flow implies letting situations pass you by and resiliency helps you control your reaction to a situation and actively choosing how you want to perceive it and affect you.

Research shows that learning to practice resiliency can help to prevent symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as lead to a happier and more fulfilled life.

So what is resiliency?

Being resilient is the ability to overcome adversity and choose to have a positive outlook on life's stress.  Resiliency is understanding and actively working through your emotions with mindfulness.  When external stress occurs, you are able to adapt and self-manage that stress.  The main point is to learn from your failure and use it as feedback for your future.

Steps to practice resiliency:

  1. Build a strong network of positive relationships.  A positive mindset starts with YOU.  But it also coincides with the people you surround yourself with.  Recognize people in your life that drain you of energy or make it difficult to remain positive.  It may be difficult to have that conversation, but you will appreciate having addressed the situation afterward. 
  2. Set achievable goals & be proactive. Choose a few things you'd like to accomplish in the next month and year.  Don't push obstacles aside, but make proactive plans to take action.   
  3. Allow failure as a teacher providing feedback.  When things go wrong, which will sometimes happen, it's okay. Mistakes teach us what not to do next time.  There's no use in dwelling on the mistakes besides learning from them and moving on.  
  4. Practice gratitude.  Make a conscious effort to take time 1-3 times per week to journal and list each person, accomplishment, or milestone in your life that you're grateful for.
  5. Prioritize self-care.  Take time to enjoy the things you love.  Get outside, practice mindfulness, exercise, or give meditation a try. 

Remember, these skills are not an overnight change. It is just like learning a new language and you need time and to practice each day before it fits into your routine.  If you are looking for tips on meditation, Coach Trent recorded guided meditations that only take a few minutes to complete and can be found here.

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