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2 Chronic Conditions That May Cause Cancer

HealthChkJen | February 01, 2018

New research suggests that nearly 6 percent of cancers (792,600 cancer cases) can be at least partly attributed to obesity and diabetes.

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January Live Well, Work Well Newsletter

HealthChkJen | January 02, 2018

Historically, one of the top New Year's resolutions is to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people look to fad diets and weight-loss products to achieve

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Winter Workout Attire

HealthChkJen | November 30, 2017


Getting enough exercise in the winter can be tough.  We are here to help you get outside with some helpful tips on dressing for the weather!

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Apricot Honey Oatmeal

HealthChkJen | June 05, 2017

If warm oatmeal takes too much time or has you sweating this time of year, make the oatmeal the night before and toss it in the refrigerator. You'll

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Avo-Egg Toast

HealthChkJen | September 15, 2016

Protein-packed breakfasts that are also portable can be tricky to come by. That's why we love this quick and easy option for busy mornings. If

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Live Well Work Well September 2016 Newsletter

HealthChkJen | September 07, 2016

Taking Responsibility for Your Retirement Fund Relying on pension funds and Social Security is no longer sufficient when planning for retirement. To

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